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Thursday, 12 December 2013

Can you get rid of cellulite?

Cellulite is one of things in life that we don't like, but will always be around.

You can minimize the look of cellulite with cellulite creams. Like wrinkle creams they fill in the lines of cellulite and help the skin swell up a very tiny bit. This gives the skin a smoother look. They say that there is a 65-67% reduction in the look of cellulite. If you massage them in at night, it will help break up the cellulite chunks also giving you a smoother look.

You can also minimize it by toning the muscles under the cellulite. This will help tighten the area and when the muscles are tighter, it gives a tighter look and feel, thus having the cellulite look noticeable.

You can help new cellulite from occurring by making sure that your diet is free from white sugars and carbs (eat only breads and pasta made from 100% whole grains), take a daily vitamin-mineral supplement (buy a good one that comes in a capsule, not a tiny little pill), try to avoid caffeine as caffeine add to cellulite (if you drink coffee then don't drink any energy drinks that are high in caffeine and sugar).

The #1 way to help keep cellulite at bay is pure water and lots of it. Make sure you drink at least 8 full glasses a day. Many people have cellulite because they don't drink enough water and there is no way for the calorie burned toxins to be removed by the cells. By drinking plenty of water you leave an easy escape route for the toxins and they won't build up.

You can never get rid of 100% of it but you can reduce the look and lets face it, it's the look of cellulite that we don't like.

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