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Saturday, 14 December 2013

Tips for building muscle?

There are 2 components to muscle building - lifting, and diet.
For lifting, to build muscle, you need to build strength. This means lifting heavy weights for a low number of reps. Go Google "Stronglifts 5x5", I highly recommend it as a beginner lifting program. You can learn a lot about proper form and lifting in general from the website, and if you stick with the program as it is written you will notice a difference fairly quickly. The plan is aimed at cutting out many of the activities that don't actually benefit you, things that people tend to do in the weight room but don't understand why they do them.

Your diet must be healthy, balanced, and have enough of everything. The dietary component isn't about protein. Your body can only use so much protein, no matter how hard you are lifting. But working out regularly burns a good deal of energy during workouts, boosts your metabolism between workouts (burning even more energy), and consumes other resources in greater amounts as well (vitamins, minerals). When trying to gain muscle, you have to increase all components of your diet.

Supplements are not needed until you are much stronger, and even then you may never need them if you eat healthy and work hard in the gym.

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