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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

How can I maximise my fat loss?

Your meals may be healthy, but are they low calorie? youre biggest thing is to figure out your caloric intake to stay at the weight you are at now, then subtract 500 calories from your diet a day. also, it is a common misconception that you should eat 3 big meals a day and snack in between, this is what your real meals should look like (though the servings will be off because i dont know your weight)

say you wake up at 8 am ok

8 am : 15-20 min cardio then a recovery shake.. something to put back electrolytes. also take your multivitamin in the morning

9 am : fruit, dairy, protein ex) egg whites only and milk bananas are higher than most fruits in calories so try berries

11:30 am : snack, this should be a small snack like string cheese or yogurt something like that

2:00 pm : protein veggie dressing so maybe, chicken salad with light dressing

5:00 pm: snack, again something small to curb your hunger it can be a fruit or veggie celery and pb make a good snack and give you a serving of veggie and protein

8:00 pm: carb veggie protein fat ex) you could have like chicken tacos; corn tortillas chicken veggies- also when i say fat you do need some fat in your diet. stay away from saturated fat and trans fat, you need monounsaturated and polyunsaturated those are good fats.

its up to you when you take in your carbs, some people say its better to take them in the morning so you are able to burn the calories through out the day. it really depends on when you do your second workout if youre looking to maximize fat loss, you should exercise 2 times a day cardio in the morning and then specific area in the evening like abs one day upper body the next legs and butt the next.. always switch it up.. dont overdo one area with out giving it time to recover..its like beating a dead horse.

you want to make sure youre taking in sufficient amount of fiber, this will regulate your digestive system.. as gross as it sounds the average person carries an extra 4-8lbs of body weight in stool because they are not eliminating regularly (at least once a day)
be sure to take in foods that are antioxidants.. if you notice you feel sluggish and tired even though youve gotten plenty of sleep (8-10hrs) then chances are youre not gettin the antioxidants you need

some ex of antioxidant drinks:
apple juice
tomato juice
green tea, black tea, plain tea
red wine
and beer.. yuck haha

dried fruit has high levels of antioxidants

some ex of high fiber foods:
whole wheat bread, bagels, pasta
muffins, granola, brown rice
brocolli,corn, beans,carrots,peas

hope i helped a little.. your biggest things right now is needing to figure out your current caloric intake and what it needs to be, its best to track your calories so you know what youre taking in.. taking in too little can also have a reverse effect on your body causing it to go into to starvation mode, thus causing your metabolism to plummet and your body to store fat. and remember 6 or 7 small meals a day and try not to eat after 8 if you go to bed at 10.. there should be a 2 - 2.5 hr window from your last meal and bed time

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