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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Fat loss in water fasting?

You do not lose fat you lose water and more than half of your body weight is water. So if you water fast it would be the same as eliminating oxygen from planet earth. Really effing dumb suicidal. You lose water weight not fat weight there is no quick fix for weight loss.

Read this book "Ultra metabolism" By Mark Hyman

And "In Defense of food" By Micheal Pollan is a very good one too

So yea you do not lose muscle or fat, you just lose water. However you can lose muscle if you do not use it same with your brain it is called muscle atrophy. Atrophy is just a fancy medical term for loss. So use it or lose it. But the ultra metabolism book will tell you most everything about how to lose weight the right way and in defense of food does too. In defense of food is more fun to read but they both have real good info.

Don't drink your milk is a good book too

Acai berry is a sham! They make a claim that this magical berry has so much power with weight loss because people want the one stop chop shop easy fix. It does not work because there is no wholeness. We crave fats and sugars because at one time before industrialization it was hard to find fats and sugars and carbohydrates. Now our bodies have a lot of the 3 rare nutrients our bodies need to evolve to crave vegetables and plants because do you eat at least half of every meal to contain plants. what ever I am rambling. The point is no low fat, acai berry, pill, meat diet will work you need so much more structure than just to cut one thing out. Read the books you will learn.

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