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Thursday, 12 December 2013

How to build the muscle?

To most effectively build muscle you should use weight (resistance) training on an alternating day schedule (like Mon. - Wed. - Fri. etc). Work 2 maybe 3 muscle groups per session to really concentrate on stressing the muscle and letting it repair (that's what builds muscle, the tearing down and then the rebuild).

When performing the exercise use a weight that lets you complete 6-9 reps until failure. If you can go to 11 or 12 the weight is not enough. This builds muscle size. You will want it to be hard on the last 3 reps.

Select a variety of exercises. You can look them up online, get them from fitness mags., a trainer or use an in home solution like Beachbody's Power 90 Master Series, P90X or (P90X + If you have already completed P90X). These programs are great and work very well since they give you a lot of different exercises and really work each muscle group.

The other factor will be diet. Be sure you are taking in enough Calories to support the muscle. Muscle tissue is very active and you need to feed it. A good rule of thumb (although not perfect) is to add a zero to your body weight. Add about 300 - 600 calories to that for daily activity and exercise (more if you need more). Be sure to use good quality calories that are low in fat and high in Protein. Protein feeds muscle.

Last is Supplements. A multi Vitamin is a must, You will also want a good recovery drink like the ingredients in the P90X recovery drink. You may also choose to use a Creatine Supplement as well and get some of your calories from a good quality Protein shake.

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