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Friday, 20 December 2013

What is a good exercise to get rid of belly fat?

The way to get rid of belly fat is that same as the way to get rid of any fat. Start eating right.

Spot reduction doesn't work. It's a myth. There is no exercise which will remove troublesome fat from a particular area. Your body decides where the fat will come from first and last as a matter of genetics. All you can do is diet to lose fat or burn more fat calories through exercise or both.

If a person wants to lose a pound of at a week, each day they need to...

a) eat 500 calories less than they burn or...
b) burn 500 calories more than they eat (which is equivalent to a five mile daily run or walk).

Which would you rather do...spend your time running five miles every day or just eat fewer calories? (Note: your numbers may vary somewhat)

Of course exercise is a necessary part of any health regimen and should be encouraged. But exercise will do you precious little good if you don't eat a nutritious, balanced, and varied diet.

Diet to lose fat. Exercise for fitness.

Here are some links which may help you get started. There's a lot of junk info on the internet especially in regard to diet and fitness. So, here are some excellent links to help you on the road to becoming your own personal trainer, fitness guru, diet planner, nutritionist, and all around good steward of your health for life.

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