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Monday, 16 December 2013

Easy weight to lose weight FAST

Do it for yourself : easiest way to lose weight is to decide for yourself that you really want to lose weight if you are not motivated enough than nothing is going to happen

Exercise : Dancing can be one of the ways of a work out and you may not even get bored of it. Diet wise : drink 8-10 glasses of water.

U should have a healthy balanced diet have more fiber and protein in your diet they keep you full and energized and you should have small meal every 3 hours and don’t eat before 3 hrs of going to bed and soup it make u full and has less calories just avoid the cream and make the soup in this way mix veggies and water sort of a thick soup its very filling and sometimes tasty. You should look at how you are eating these days.

Eating healthy food lets you have a healthy body. You should stop using food that has fat and contains sweets in it. You should prefer having fruits and vegetables over them along with some work out.

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