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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

What is the best weight loss place in 2014

The best weight loss place for me is my home. I don't have to spend money for a monthly membership at a gym. I don't have to worry about childcare. I don't have to feel intimidated by others. I can do all 3 things required for healthy weight loss at home.

I get my cardio done by walking, biking, jogging, and I also own an elliptical. (I picked that up at a new and used sporting goods store for about 3 months worth of gym membership fees.)

My strength training also takes place at home. I own a variety of exercise DVDs that focus on strength training. (Tae Bo, yoga tapes, Power 90, etc.) It's important for me to have a variety because I get bored easy!

The third aspect of weight loss is eating healthy. At home, I stock up on healthy foods and don't buy junk food. This helps me to eat right because I can't get tempted to eat junk food if it isn't there.

At, you can keep track of your activities, goals, and eating habits. Good luck with your weight loss!

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